Early strength accelerator for concrete: DUOSOL ES


Liquid additive concentrate, which is a component of a complex additive in concrete, helps to accelerate the hardening of concrete. Universal for use in mixtures plasticized with all types of plasticizers


  • Provides a quick set of early strength;
  • Increases the final strength characteristics of concrete;
  • Does not adversely affect the initial mobility of the mixture;
  • Does not adversely affect the preservation of the mobility of the concrete mixture;
  • Well soluble in water

Prospects for the commercial use of the product

  • Dosage: The optimal dosage is determined in a laboratory way, depending on the type of cement and other components of the concrete mixture. The recommended consumption of the additive is from 1% to 3% of the total weight of the finished additive;
  • It is added to the concrete additive at the final stage of preparation before introducing the defoamer;
  • Does not "bloom" and does not contribute to organic degradation in the composition of ready-made concrete admixtures.


Index Meaning
Appearance Dark brown liquid without mechanical impurities
Smell Weak specific
Water solubility Well soluble
Boiling temperature > 150°С
Показатели - рН (5 % раствор) 8 (+/-2)
Density at 25 ° С, g/cm3 1,05 (+/-0,1)


IBC Eurocubes, 1000 kg, Polyethylene drums 110 kg,

Storage, guarantees and transportation

The guaranteed shelf life is 1 year. Protect from insolation. Recommended temperature storage from +5 to +30. When stored at low temperatures, it becomes viscous and warming up is required before use.

Quality passport

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