Defoamers PC-100 / RS-1010


Industrial defoamer for building mixtures based on cements, gypsum, lime. Most effective for suppressing air entrainment in mixtures, ester-plasticized polycarboxylates


  • Differs in high stability;
  • Soluble in water;
  • Does not cause stratification even in case of overdose;
  • Possesses high anti-foaming performance;
  • Evenly crushes the air inside the concrete mixture and improves the surface;
  • Structures concrete mix


Dosage: 0.2% to 0.3% for the finished additive. For example, for a 25-30% solution, the consumption of antifoam agent will be from 2.0 kg to 3.0 kg per 1 ton of additive.


Index Meaning
Appearance Transparent liquid, pale yellow tint possible
Density at 25 ° С, g/cm3 1,05
% Вязкость, при 25°С, мПа/с 400-800
Mass fraction of active substance, MIN 98.5%
рН (2-х % раствор) 5-7.5
Содержание воды, %, МАКС 1,5%


IBC Eurocubes, 1000 kg, Polyethylene drums 110 kg, cans on request

Storage, guarantees and transportation

The guaranteed shelf life is 1 year. Protect from insolation. Recommended temperature storage from +5 to +30. After freezing, gentle thawing and thorough mixing - does not change its properties

Technical regulations

The technical indicators indicated above are based on the fulfillment of regulatory requirements, specified in GOST 7473-2010 (Concrete mixtures. Technical conditions) and GOST 30459-2008, taking into account fulfillment of the requirements of the normative documents related and mentioned in these GOSTs.

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