Chemistry for the construction

Cooperation with the Turkish company DuoSolChem gives us access to advanced technologies in the field of concrete admixtures production. Our Turkish partners are the authors of modern technology for the production of polycarboxylate esters and the creators of products such as defoamers, additives for early and late strength of concrete, a concrete admixture viscosity modifier, biocide and an optimized DuoSol Catalyst used in the synthesis of polycarboxylates.

Our key advantage is in-depth knowledge of both the production technology of the offered products and a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of their application. This is necessary, on the one hand, for constant quality control of manufactured products, as well as for the provision of professional technical support to our partners, on the other.

As a young and ambitious team, we offer high performance products at a fair price that does not include a brand premium.

Through interaction with RunHim LLC, any Russian partner has the opportunity to receive professional advice regarding the solution of any problem, the search for analogues or the use of products under the DuoSol trademark.