Concrete mixture viscosity modifier DUOSOL VMA-7


DUOSOL VMA-7 is a new generation concrete mix viscosity modifier. DUOSOL VMA-7 allows concrete to achieve optimal viscosity, providing the right balance between flexibility and delamination resistance - the opposite properties that appear when adding water. DUOSOL VMA-7 improves the coherence of concrete components, so it is capable of prevent the segregation of the binder and fillers in the concrete mixture when pumping concrete, especially under high pressure.


  • Good flow properties with high concrete strength
  • Prevents delamination and water separation Production of self-compacting concrete (SCC) without segregation and with a given viscosity
  • High compatibility with polycarboxylate type hyperplasticizers
  • Allows to pump concrete over long distances under high pressure
  • Makes the solution less sensitive to the quality of the fillers
  • Enhances water reduction
  • Makes a concrete mix a Newtonian liquid
  • Ease of use


Dosage: from 1.5% to 3.0% by weight of the finished additive based on polycarboxylate ether. The optimal dosage of DUOSOL VMA-7 is achieved through trial mixes and depends on the amount of cement and fillers included in it. Despite the fact that DUOSOL VMA-7 is very stable at all pH values and concentration of additives, we recommend stirring the additive for long-term storage.


Index Meaning
Appearance Pale yellow liquid
Water solubility Easily soluble in water
Массовая доля активного вещества, % 20
% Вязкость, при 25°С, мПа/с 2200
рН 8
Specific gravity at 25 °С 1,056


IBC Eurocubes, 1000 kg, Barrels 200 kg, cans 20 kg

Storage, guarantees and transportation

DUOSOL VMA-7 should be stored at room temperature and avoid direct contact with sun rays. When the product crystallizes, it should be heated and slowly stir until completely dissolved

Technical regulations

DUOSOL VMA-7 does not contain hazardous components and is not hazardous during transportation by any mode of transport. However, it is recommended to use standard personal care products. protection. Wear gloves and goggles and rinse the splash on skin with soap and water at the end shifts or during breaks.

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